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    Steam Boiler (Steam for proofing) 7. Slicer (Knives cut the loaves without tearing the crust) that provide strengthening and structure to the bread • Provides the final volume to the bread • During baking dough protein coagulates and hydration starch partially gelatinizes to • Structure • Add nutritional value Leavening agents Learn More

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    Lowtemperature and consequently low-pressure steam is by far the best and easiest steam to use in bread and roll ovens; typically 2 to 5 psig at the oven. Realizing that boiler steam at 10 psig and 240° F when reduced to 2 psig (218°F boiling point) still has 22°F of superheat, boiler pressures should be maintained as low as possible while still being able to deliver necessary quantities to the oven.Learn More